04 October 2013

I am writing down the list of softwares that I use everyday. This is for my own backup and for anyone who is interested in knowing about it.

  1. Eclipse IDE: I have been using Eclipse for the last one year. Before that I used to code completely in VIM but recently I have started to like Eclipse due to its capability to handle large projects smoothly.

  2. Terminator: For all the other purposes like running roscore, rviz, bag files, launching code et al., I use terminator. I have a dual screen and on one screen I have eclipse and on the other screen I have terminator. Below is the screenshot of my screens.

  3. Lyx: I use LyX for writing papers and I found it much better than other LaTeX editors. Writing mathematical derivations in LyX is very easy and one should definitely try it atleast once.

  4. GitHub: I use Git as a version control system for all my codes and papers. You can request a free micro plan if you are a student. Right now most of my projects are in private mode and I plan to release them soon.

  5. Zotero: I use Zotero to organize the research papers I read into different collections. While browsing through papers, organizing papers is as easy as bookmarking them with a single mouse click.

  6. MindMup: MindMup is a free and opensource mind mapping software that I use to organize the ideas, to-do lists, papers etc. It can save the map to google drive or github.

  7. ROS: If you are working in Robotics or Computer Vision, this is the thing you should know. RViz itself is sufficient reason to use ROS in your code.

  8. MATLAB: I use it for all the plotting and analysis purposes. I do not experiment in MATLAB itself.

  9. Miscellaneous: Other than these, some of the websites that I rely on these days is Google Calendar, GMail and Feedly

These are all the things I can remember right now. I will keep adding to the list as I remember them.

That is all for now. Cya.